8 REASONS why work with us

1. Professional Works

Dozen years we have expert and explored the interior. Our knowledge fused with our experience. So we know the exact ins and outs of the interior works. Project by project we done with a clear vision, our focus is a work of perfection. We really understand a work of perfect does not happen without hard work.
Integrity and loyalty. Therefore all three of these things has been “a calling” for us every day. 




2. Hardwork

We realize that every project is unique and has its complexity. Therefore we always give maximum attention to each of our projects. Every detail of our work is constantly supervised, so no one are missed part of our oversight. Any problems occured, professionally we finish completely. In Pro Active, we always act on guard to avoid fatal mistakes.


3. Integrity

Integrity is not just a theory or merely our way of thinking, Integrity is the way we work. We always consistently work, upholding the norms and ethics, act in accordance codes of professional ethics and corporate. We apply high integrity in our work.
4. Loyalty

In general, loyalty can be defined by fidelity, devotion and trust given or addressed to a person or institution, in which there is a sense of love and responsibility to try to provide the best service and behavior (Rasimin, 1988). Spirit of loyalty is what we cherish in treating our customers.


5. Work on time

We understand that every time of our customers are valuable. Therefore we are always striving to meet the handover schedule of our Projects. Timeliness is not automatically established. By creating a structured work planning, manage our big target into daily and weekly targets. Supported with our passion and hard work, punctuality is not impossible to be our superior achievement.
6. Competitive price for best quality

In calculating the Project Budget Plan, we used the method of calculating the details, then we can provide competitive pricing to our customers. Given a big variety of interior materials, either in quality or from factories that produce it, We always provide a clear detailed material specifications so that our customers will understand exactly what materials we use.

In determining the Project Budget Plan, we strongly uphold professional values . Our commitment, deliver on material specifications are written in our Budget Plan while continuing to strive to provide the best quality and satisfaction for our customers.


7. Professional, complete and clean workshop

Our workshop team are working carefully and skillfully. The production process in our workshop using the neat line of production. In addition we place great importance on Quality Control of maximum along our production process. Starting from the materials selection and basic materials, the production process, until finishing.

After going through a thorough checking of the Quality Control team, then we are ready to work on packing for the next entry in the delivery process.

Located not far from our office easier for our team in coordination with each other. Periodic coordination between workshop teams, design teams and project teams, support our performance to sustain our professionalism and produce of our best works.

Equipped with precised and reliable machines make our workshops more trustworthy in producing a good variety of furniture made from wood, stainless steel, iron, glass, fabrics, and others.


  8. Creative design team

3 DESIGN is our creative team’s name. The design results of our design team are always fresh and very innovative. We present a very artistic and professional 3-dimensions.

We offer Our 2-Dimensions of work equipped with pictures and detailed specifications. Thus, “Design and Build” are the best alternative because we are under the auspices of PT. TRIJAYA ANUGRAH KREASI and we are ready to run in synergy.